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Unlock Your Impact

Once KEYSS participants have unlocked their purpose and skills, now it’s time to put them into practice and become social innovators! Selected participants will be offered the opportunity to ‘unlock impact’ by engaging in a 4-week on-site community impact project and have a chance to give back to their community!

Selected participants will be paired with local NGOs through an intensive program curated for those interested in choosing to work in the third sector as a viable career path!

Are you familiar with the Sustainable Development Goals in Saudi and how they tie into our Vision 2030? Become an expert by putting the SDGs into practice!

Give back to your community while building critical career skills!

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What our Participants Learn For Success!

Knowledge about the third sector

Experience in working with the third sector

What benefit NGOs offer the community & beneficiaries

What challenges NGO’s are facing & how to solve them

How NGOs contribute to the Saudi Vision 2030.

How to improve the NGO’s efforts towards the Vision through measuring impact

Leadership, work ethics, teamwork, and presentation skills.

21st Century Workforce Readiness Skills Preparation

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