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Unlocking The Future

The KEYSS Project is a mission driven organization that aims to bridge the gap between challenges of our youth and the need for advancement of our communities. We provide foundational skills development using evidence-based practices that aim to build the capacity of our youth and civic leaders. 

KEYSS = Knowledge Exchange for Youth Supporting Society

Our journey to empowering youth in Saudi Arabia and inspiring a generation of active citizens with strong values, begins with coaching them on self-awareness, helping them in discovering their purpose, and supporting them to learn and practice new skills while engaging in impact projects within their communities. 


Our journey in social innovation includes the following programs:


Unlocking Your Purpose

(High School & University)


Unlocking Your Impact

(For NGOs)


Unlocking Your Skills



Unlocking Your Social Startup

(University & Young Professional)



The KEYSS Project aims to enable and empower our youth in the region to build positive lives and communities. 


The KEYSS Project bridges the gap between challenges for youth and social & economic goals of the Saudi Vision 2030 through training, resources, and community engagement.

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Social Innovation

Continuous Learning

The KEYSS Project Team
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Dr. Sarah Ghaleb
Founder & CEO
After training the concept of social entrepreneurship to thousands of youth in Saudi over the last 10 years, I learned how we...
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Danah Alodhabi
Director of Business Development
It is so much easier to get up and move each morning when you are excited to go to work and do what you love! And...
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Fay Almutlaq
Career Development Specialist
Finding your passion and purpose will not only impact your own personal life , but will allow you to help elevate...
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Radhika Vinod
Community & Volunteer Engagement
I believe that people must follow their passion and I truly know how important it is. After 25 years of graduating from...
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Welcome Message

I began my personal mission of building the third sector capacity in Saudi Arabia in 2011 when our team, under a grant from the US Department of State, introduced the concept of social entrepreneurship to the Kingdom. Since then, I have personally trained thousands of our youth and am committed to helping them find their purpose.


The KEYSS Project allows me to scale and grow this work exponentially, but also pays tribute to some of the outstanding, impactful projects currently taking place throughout our communities across the Kingdom. The time is now to give thanks to, and build capacity of, our third sector of whom are feeding our hungry, caring for our orphans, ensuring the elderly have their medications, and our special needs children obtain the support they need to thrive. We have countless noble causes, and we must work together to build a generation of empathetic and skilled leaders to advance our society.


One of the most exciting targets of our Vision 2030 is to build third sector capacity; which includes NGOs, NonProfits, and social enterprises. It is my honor and privilege as a female founder, a Misk 2030 Vision Leader, and a humble citizen of this great Kingdom to give back through an initiative that brings global standards to our youth while maintaining our culture, our traditions, and our values.


Live with Passion, but most importantly Live with Purpose.


Dr. Sarah Ghaleb

Founder/CEO of The KEYSS Project


Our strength and our ability to impact communities would not be possible without the partnerships and collaborations we have made along the way. Please click on each logo below to learn about the exciting work that takes place throughout the Kingdom. 

Impact Enablers
Community Partners